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About GSXR Swingarms

There is cleanness to the lines of a Suzuki motorcycle, a wraith-like, streamlined quality that brooks no interruption and strikes an immediately recognizable profile. The GSXR swingarm is the linchpin of this striking silhouette, a slender suspension component that eliminates bulk and sprawl from the motorcycle's appearance. The GSXR swingarm is standard for some models, but others require retrofit, and there are options available. Stretched GSXR swingarms and GSXR swingarm extensions can both be purchased through the reliable sellers on eBay. These parts help the motorcycle achieve its purest aesthetic expression, lengthening its suspension to remove the need for clunky machinery at the rear of the bike. A connoisseur knows that riding is not just a hobby, it is also an art, and immaculate presentation is crucially important to the practice of that art. The right parts make the bike and the rider a seamless silhouette, a sound in the dark that passes by in a flash.