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About GSXR Subframes

Have you ever holed yourself up in your garage to start your own restoration project on a GSX-R motorcycle? When it comes to rebuilding this motorcycle, a new GSX-R subframe is a good place to start. It is usually easier to work from the frame out and make repairs, adjustments, and replacements as you go. With the GSX-R1000 subframe, you can transform a broken down Suzuki GSX- 1000 bike into a fully restored model. Model year also plays a part, and you may need a 2004-2005 GSX-R subframe to turn your motorcycle back into something that fully reflects your style. Start your project today and rely on the sellers on eBay to provide quality GSX-R subframes and numerous other new or used replacement parts to get your bike back on the road. The only thing left to do after that is take the next exciting step in your journey on a fully restored Suzuki motorcycle.

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