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About GSXR Headlight

A car's headlights cut a swathe through the dark, sweeping around corners and slowly picking out details from the uniform blackness. A GSXR headlight is a knife. It reveals with precision, enabling the motorcycle's rider to make the kind of snap decisions that they need to ride safely. Various options let the rider customize the illuminatory profile of their bike. The 07 GSXR headlight is a space-age affectation that gives the bike a sleek, predatory profile, whereas the 01 GSXR headlight is a boomerang-shaped visor that announces the bike's presence boldly and decisively. A GSXR headlight can be installed or swapped out by any rider with a little hands-on experience and can be found from reliable sellers on eBay in a wide variety of profiles. A bike's headlight is part of its identity, and it is imperative that the light suits the motorcycle, as it is the only part that survives the transition from day to night.