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About GSX 1100

A motorcycle is the ultimate expression of speed. In particular, the GSX 1100 from Suzuki is an explosive bike that is adored by speed freaks worldwide. These bikes are sleek, sexy and optimized for responsible driving at untold speeds. If you own a Suzuki GSXR 1100, you certainly know that it even more equipped for an incredible riding experience. The so-called "Jixer" is often customized as a drag bike. Sellers on eBay offer every imaginable suspension, exhaust and body kit that such an ambitious project requires. Often, the sellers themselves are experienced riders and motorcycle builders that can offer advice that will set your bike apart from the crowd. The GSX 1100 engine is the core need for creating a super-fast machine, and there are several ways of improving its performance. Buying forged pistons and other parts is one way to get there, but reliable sellers offer more convenient ways. Namely, certain sellers offer full GSX 1100 kits, including drastically overhauled engines that you can directly swap with your original.