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About Gruen Watches

Classic timepieces constructed with quality and precision never go out of style. Many watch lovers are avid collectors of Gruen watches produced from the 1890s until the middle of the 20th century. While the brand lives on in name only today, there are many genuine Gruen watches still available. Collectors seek out both Gruen antique watches from the company's earliest decades as well as late model options created up until the company's final dissolution in the 1970s. Watch aficionados turn to Gruen in particular for their pocket watches, especially considering the company's status as an early innovator of technology at the heart of this type of timepiece. Gruen pocket watches have many classic design touches, but you can also find surprising options such as pocket watches with pentagonal form factors. Popular wristwatch styles from the brand include the Quadron for men and the slim and subtle Baguette for women. If you want to find a piece of watchmaking history from this American legend, take a look through the Gruen watches available from the large inventory on eBay.