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About Gruen Precision

Gruen Precision timepieces have accurately marked the hour, minutes, and seconds from its inception in 1894 until 1958. D. Gruen & Son designed a series of pocket watch movements with the company's first wrist watches introduced in 1908. There is a large inventory of Gruen watches available on eBay, from early pocket watches to 14K Gruen precision watches, such as women's and men's Gruen Precision wristwatches. The company's most famous design, the Curvex, features a curved movement inside a curved case, which provides a larger, more durable, more accurate movement. The Curvex, made in both men's and women's designs, offer 10K gold-filled snapback case, 17 jewels, manual wind movement, and white finished dial with leather or steel band. The vintage Gruen Precision automatic 24-hour jump watch is another popular design while the watches in the 21 series are unique in that they were entirely made in the United States. The rights to the Gruen name later changed hands, but the Gruen brand watches produced after the 1970s have no connection to the vintage Gruen watches other than the name.