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About Gruen Curvex

Your favorite accessory is a watch that looks classic and timeless, and as one of the original companies designing wristwatches, Gruen watches achieve that look. The Gruen Curvex debuted in the 1930s, when Americans developed a love of curved, rectangular watches. Due to their early entry into the wristwatch market, which gave them time to perfect design, Gruen watches were much thinner than competitors' models, while maintaining high-quality and artisan-level craftsmanship. The Curvex curves beautifully, along with its rectangular movement, which allows a thinner watch with greater curve. The Gruen Curvex Precision is a solid gold watch, typically with a leather band. The casing is 14k gold plated, filled with 10k gold. These pieces generally date from the 1940s. Vintage Gruen Curvex watches feature the 10k gold filling. Men's watches typically square directly into the strap, whereas the women's case designs often feature more tapering, by either coming to a point where they meet the strap, or rounding off into an oval-type shape. The vast inventory of Gruen Curvex watches on eBay ensures you have the style you need to stand out.