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About Grolsch

Grolsch is known just as much for its taste as it is for its distinct flip-top bottles, which can be resealed and reused again and again, perfect for home brewing. Grolsch beer bottles are not all alike, so you can add a bit of variety to your collection. Green 16-ounce bottles are embossed with the Grolsch name and feature a stopper with Grolsch emblazoned over the top. Other Grolsch bottles are made from amber glass, and both versions are perfect for home-brewing beer, kombucha, or your own sodas, as the caps can be lifted to burp the fermenting beverage and placed back on for an airtight seal. If you seek bottles simply for collecting, many vintage items feature the name of a state, such as Florida, along with the company branding on the stopper. If Grolsch is your go-to after work drink, a Grolsch glass is the perfect way to wash it down. Pilsner and pint glasses branded with the company logo are also available from the large inventory stocked by sellers on eBay.