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About Griswold Cast Iron

Griswold cast iron, made by the Griswold Manufacturing Company of Erie Pennsylvania, is collectible, desirable, and usable for cooking and baking as well as displaying. Manufactured with different logos throughout the years, the Griswold Company produced cast iron pieces from 1865 until 1957. Some desirable logos for Griswold cast iron include Seldon & Griswold, their first logo until 1883, and the Griswold Manufacturing Company blocked letters with a large cross. Cast iron is the most sought after, but they also produced cast aluminum and enameled cookware. Cast iron is durable but can sometimes have dirty, grimy build-up. Vintage cast iron used for cooking is cleaned and seasoned easily. Remove grimy build-up by spraying it thoroughly with oven cleaner, place it in a plastic bag, and let it work for at least two hours. Scrub residue with steel wool and rinse. Once dry, oil the entire piece with cooking oil, and bake upside down on a cookie sheet in a 325-degree oven for an hour. Let the cast iron cool in the oven, and it will be clean, seasoned, and ready to use at once. There is a large selection of Griswold cast iron available on eBay including skillets, pans, and molds.

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