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About Grill Guards

Who knew that with a few hand tools and some elbow grease you can toughen up the look of your truck or SUV in your own driveway? Durable and rugged-looking, a grille guard is as functional as it is good looking, and it's easy to install. A guard is constructed from sturdy metal tubing and designed to bear the brunt of impacts, debris, and rocks to protect the vehicle’s grille and headlights. If you find yourself in a situation where your buddy’s manual car won’t start, you can use a heavy-duty grille guard with a push bar to help him out. Since grille guards are designed to wrap snugly around the front of your car, having the make, model, and year handy when shopping for one is crucial. No matter whether you drive a Chevy or Toyota, eBay's reliable sellers have a great selection of new and used grille guards. Face the off road and the open road head on with a grille guard.