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About Greys Anatomy Scrubs

Your feet pound heavily across the corridor, and your heart begins to beat faster as you run towards the sound of a flatlining EKG. With a set of "Grey's Anatomy" scrubs, you can make your medical dress up dreams come true. Featuring a blend of polyester and rayon fabrics, these scrubs are comfortable, flexible, and allow your skin to breathe. This makes them an excellent choice for when you want to go to a costume party wearing an outfit that does not stifle you. Like the scrubs from "Grey's Anatomy," these outfits feature a V-neck detail and pockets for storing your goods. When selecting your scrubs, consider aiming for a color your favorite character wears. If you would like to dress up as Derek or Callie, try navy blue "Grey's Anatomy" scrubs, which signal your seniority in the surgical world. Alternatively, if you would like to transform into Meredith or Alex during their intern days, try pale blue "Grey's Anatomy" scrubs, which both characters wore during their first few seasons. As you shop the vast inventory on eBay for your "Grey's Anatomy" scrubs, you can choose from a diverse range in an array of sizes. When yours arrive, throw a stethoscope around your neck to complete that surgical resident look.