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About Grey GOOSE

When you are drinking one of the world's premier vodkas, it is natural to want to show it off. Fortunately for fans of Grey Goose vodka, the iconic brand name is instantly recognizable, even when rendered simply as the outline of the trademark bird in flight. Whether you enjoy a classic chilled cocktail or simply a shot straight up, Grey Goose glasses are the perfect vessels for your beverages. In particular, a Grey Goose martini glass stands out as a marker of your sophistication, not only for your choice of mixed drinks, but also for your selection of top-shelf ingredients and matching bar items. For the true Grey Goose enthusiast, professional-quality display stands, capable of showing off favorite bottles, are an excellent addition to the home bar or man cave, as are other themed accent pieces including Grey Goose bar mats and wall signs. While Grey Goose has a reputation for being a liquor for the elite, there is enough Grey Goose merchandise available from reliable sellers on eBay for everyone to have a round or two.