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About Gremlins

Horrifying, mysterious, and darkly comical, the "Gremlins" film series gripped audiences of the 1980s and 1990s with both its suspense and humor. Gremlins burst forth from hidden places, viciously attacking the residents of a small town who were simply trying to enjoy the Christmas holiday. This film series remains one of the most recognizable in the comedy-horror genre, thanks to its likable character, adorable Mogwai mascot, and the terrifyingly hilarious creatures. The "Gremlins" DVD and Blu-ray remains a popular choice for movie fans during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. Meanwhile, Gremlins toys, plushies, and figurines adorn the shelves of series fans and creative types alike. You can find many of this series' merchandise on eBay, where the site's large collection of sellers ensures that whatever branded item you may be looking for someone may have it in stock. These sellers provide items in new, used, or refurbished condition, allowing you to find competitive prices and flexible shipping options. Laugh and scream along with any of these movies, and you will understand just what made them so appealing in the 1980s and beyond.