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About Greenlee Knockout

Greenlee products are considered the top shelf choice of durable high quality tools for electricians, contractors and auto enthusiasts. A Greenlee knockout set is used by the most serious electricians, as the sets provide an excellent design to quickly and efficiently make new holes through steel boxes and allow for additional circuits to be added. Greenlee has been producing tools since 1862, and has since continued to attribute innovative technology in punch and die knockout systems. Use a standard Greenlee 4-inch knockout set to punch through stainless steel. The products and systems produced by Greenlee are built to last and have over 100 years of engineering behind them. A Greenlee Hydraulic Knockout set utilizes a hydraulic pump to punch through holes with ease. Hydraulic pumps offer a quicker solution as opposed to manual wrenches. Find quality Greenlee knockout sets through the dependable sellers on eBay. Their inventories are stock full of new and used sets, and come paired with convenient shipping options.