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About Green Wig

A green wig is a great way to get a little extra attention one day and blend in the next. Whether you are ready to turn heads at the grocery store or are heading to work, you are sure to get some notice. A green wig is a great cap to that costume you are working so hard on for next Halloween, or really helps you feel confident at your next science fiction and fantasy convention. Though wigs have been around at least since the ancient Egyptians shunned natural hair to keep cool and avoid lice, wig technology has advanced considerably, and today’s hairpieces are lighter and better ventilated, letting you focus on enjoying your new look. Whatever you need to change up your style, you are sure to find it from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Go with long straight green hair or choose short and curly. The options abound, and it just takes a moment to switch to a whole new look.