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About Green Turquoise

Brightly colored and stunning in appearance, green turquoise is not only an ideal piece of jewelry, but a treasured stone in many areas of the world. It is lesser known than the blue variety of turquoise, but just as beautiful, if not more so. It occurs in areas where there is a high concentration of iron, and most of the material mined today comes from Nevada. These mines removed a significant amount of the material from 1940 through 1990. Finding a green turquoise ring may help you to feel like a superhero once you slip it on, but these unique gems can be very valuable as well. A look at the available products from the reliable sellers on eBay is sure to reveal a few must-have items, perhaps even a vintage green turquoise pendant or charm. With so much detailing and veining present in these green turquoise gems, you'll want a complete collection.