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About Green Tea

In use in Asia for thousands of years for its health and medicinal benefits, green tea only recently caught on in Western civilization. Extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea is rich in antioxidants that many researchers believe are beneficial to the heart, brain, and glucose levels. With its mildly sweet and nutty flavor, it is a pretty enjoyable way to feed your body. Add this tea to your beverage list and reap the health benefits. The reliable sellers on eBay offer an impressive selection of green tea in a variety of forms and flavors. Japanese green tea is available in bags and as powders and leaves. Select genuine matcha green tea powder, a potent form used in Japanese tea ceremonies; sencha or houjicha loose leaf teas; or convenient tea bags. Fill your pantry with a selection of Chinese green tea that includes rolled pearl varieties from the Dragon Tea House, spiral-shaped Bi Luo Chun tea from the Hundred Years Tea Garden, and the boldly sweet Lu Shan Yun Wu tea harvested from the peak of Mount Lu. Do something good for your own body by going "green."