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About Green Laser

Science is a discipline that exemplifies human potential that opens up new frontiers and explores the unknown and it is also, more importantly, the discipline that invented laser beams. A green laser is a high-intensity laser beam usually projected from a wand-like handheld device that tightly focuses the beam for use in experiments and, more realistically, in setting objects on fire from a tremendous distance away with a lance of heat and light. A 200 mW green laser can make paper and low-flash-point hardwood smolder and burst into flames, which is useful in all kinds of scientific endeavors and in the time-honored tradition of starting a fire with a handheld laser beam. A 500 mW green laser plays on a whole different field, opening up whole new vistas of experimentation and play. With a focus on safety and careful operating conditions, these tools can be rewarding both in the lab and around the fire pit. You can find a green laser through the vast inventory of scientific supplies and other lasers and laser-related accessories on eBay.