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About Green Jade

Elegance with an earthy flair: This is what you get when you adorn yourself and your home with beautiful green jade jewelry and fixtures. Also known as jadeite and "fei tsui," jade has been a popular stone since antiquity, celebrated for its otherworldly hue and supposed healing properties. More subtle and sophisticated than emerald, it symbolized energy as well as serenity. Who couldn't use more of both in their life? The semiprecious stone comes in a range of shades and clarity, from a milky mint hue to stunning chartreuse. Imagine the flash of a green jade ring on your finger, lingering against the black background of your gown or cocktail dress. A pendant version resting seductively against any skin tone is enough to draw attention at any venue. You can find untold wonders of new, used, and vintage green jade jewelry on eBay. Whether smooth and polished or ornately carved, it is a must-have in every jewelry box. Who said "it’s not easy being green"?