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About Greek Helmets

Few places can claim the glory of Greece, where, from the shores of Sparta to the halls of Athens, Western culture first entered the world. One way to channel those glorious days is with Greek helmets, whether to wear to a costume party, for a historical reenactment, or in a play. Greek helmets come in many styles, with various designs and materials finding expression throughout the ages. Many of the contemporary renditions of Greek helmets in popular culture feature the plumes that were part of the great Spartan warriors' helmets. Sparta's militaristic culture is famous for being one of the most successful fighting societies in world history. A Greek Spartan helmet is thus a familiar symbol of the great warriors of the city, and of great warriors in general. An ancient Greek helmet serves to remind the viewer of the foundations of Western society. Replicas of these helmets carry with them a legitimate sense of history that is unmatched by most other modern consumer goods. You can find plenty of examples of Greek helmets within the vast inventory on eBay.