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About Greek Fisherman Hats

Greek fisherman hats are not just for seafaring folk. The style took off in the 1960s as a bohemian fashion accessory. It won legions of fans with the folk revival crowd in New York City, where wool Greek fisherman hats often graced the heads of musicians like Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk. John Lennon picked up the style when the Beatles set off on their first tour of North America, launching the hat style into the mainstream. In present day, a Greek fisherman hat can still lend your look a little bit of that folksy charm, paying homage to the musicians and beat poets of the 1960s. These hats not only look great, but they are also highly practical. The brim keeps sun, wind, and rain out of your eyes. You can choose between cozy wool styles to keep your head warm or cotton hats to let your skin breathe when the weather gets warmer. Leather Greek fisherman hats can offer a bit of extra shelter from the elements, keeping wind, rain, and snow at bay. If you like retro style, you can enjoy shopping the vast inventory of Greek fisherman hats on eBay.