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About Great Northern

Ages ago, trains chugged their way to fame on the first and only privately funded railway in US history. Built through James Jerome Hill’s entrepreneurship and foresight, which earned him the nickname Empire Builder, the Great Northern transcontinental ran for over 8000 miles. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans in mind and rained calamity on the railway in a devastating avalanche years later. GN rose again to success for many decades to come, standing tall as a testament to the great American spirit. To relive nostalgia for the great Class I, or to improve your railway set collection with a fine addition, browse through eBay listings for Great Northern railway postcards, train schedules, signs, and calendars, or miniatures of a Great Northern locomotive or engines in brass to polish to a gleam before a showing. Many are in new and working condition, and reliable sellers are quick to ship to your door so shop with confidence. Once your Great Northern model train or memorabilia gets home, you can finally slake your longing for caboose days and the golden years of railroading by having a great adventure.