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About Gray Curtains

For understated elegance that doesn’t call attention to itself, silver or gray curtains may be what you are looking for. Perhaps you want to carry out an Art Deco or a Modern theme. On the other hand, perhaps you simply don’t want the window treatments to dominate the room. Sheer voile gray curtain panels go with anything, including the view outside the window, while cutting down on direct sunlight. Charcoal tone dark gray curtains are a tasteful alternative to black if you are looking for the benefits of heavy blackout curtains: blocking 90 percent or more of the direct sunlight, sound dampening, and energy savings. The variety of gray window treatments you can find on eBay strike just the right note for the modern office or open office floor as well. Gray window treatments can be an excellent choice for your living room or bedroom—as for hoteliers—if you have a lot of mirrors, or just because it’s a restful shade. Whatever your project is, don’t overlook gray. It may be just the ticket.

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