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About Gravity Boots

Allowing you to hang suspended from your ankles, gravity boots are perhaps among the most intriguing fitness tools around. These boots are used for two primary reasons. Some believe that allowing increased blood-flow to the brain makes for better focus and creativity. Others wear these boots to increase the difficulty of workouts, doing crunches and sit-ups while suspended. Boots for either purpose are available within the vast inventory on eBay. These include Spyder gravity inversion boots, which feature a double-lock system to provide increased security and safety. Many of the boots feature durable cuffs that are ratcheted around the ankles with soft, cushioned insides to allow for greater comfort. Additional tools and accessories are needed in order to safely use gravity boots. The boots are suspended from inversion bars that attach to the ceiling or to stand-alone racks, which are capable of supporting substantial amounts of weight. Some boots come as parts of sets that include these additional pieces, or you can purchase necessary items separately. Always ensure you have everything you need to hang safely.