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About Grave Diggers

Hearts can't help but beat faster when the 2,000-horsepower motor on Grave Digger starts growling. Pulses quicken as the 11-foot beast starts tearing toward a jump. And primal screams let forth as it takes to the air, hangs, and pounds back down into the dirt again seemingly an eternity later. The granddaddy of the monster trucks has been thrilling fans for over three decades. Its 1950s Chevy panel van body with a colorful graveyard scene and menacing headlights is instantly recognizable to people who've never even seen a monster truck demonstration. The fan in your family, though, knows it well. The only question is: how do you help him express his admiration? How about giving him a Grave Digger shirt so he can be the cool kid at school? Or what about a Grave Digger model to drive around the house? eBay offers a range of new and pre-owned items to help fans have a Monster Jam with Grave Digger, and getting in on the action can be just a mouse click away.

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