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About Grateful Dead Shirts

"Good old Grateful Dead," wrote Rolling Stone of the band in 1969, "they are their own greatest influence, making music of their own creation." Nearly three decades later, the band had kept on trucking until achieving Guinness Book of Records status for having performed the most concerts of any group. Grateful Dead shirts tell the tale of how the band evolved. Fans joined in along the way, Pied Piper-like, until the Dead had become almost synonymous with tie-dyed hippiedom. Boomers can relive their memories with a Grateful Dead concert shirt. For example, find a rare Grateful Dead shirt from as long ago as 1972. The vast selection on eBay includes familiar logos, such as terrapins, dancing bears, "Ship of Fools," "Fire on the Mountains," and the skull with lightning bolts. For real collector cachet, find a from a concert that included the Dead plus Willie Nelson and the New Riders of the Purple Sage, from the personal collection of John Dawson, who was a co-founder of the latter country-rock band. Those who joined the Dead bandwagon after the band disbanded can find more modern tie-ins such as a "Dark Star" shirt with "Star Wars" logo, or even a Yoda figure and the saying "Jam, you must." The long, strange trip can take fans back in time, or propel them into the future.