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About Graphite Golf Shafts

With a quick glance, anyone can understand that the shaft is one of the most important pieces of any golf club, but only true golf enthusiasts know what makes the shaft of a golf club essential to an individual’s performance on the links. Graphite golf shafts have been used since the early 1970s due to their ability to heighten club flexibility, providing for an increase in the golfer’s club head speed, leading to longer strikes and drives. Graphite golf shafts are widely used in the professional golfing world, and work best with players who love to swing hard and fast while maintaining a lucid sense of control. Graphite shafts are appropriate for transforming long-range and mid-range golf shots, and transfer smoothly to the short game as well. Take a look at a graphite shaft golf club set from reliable sellers on eBay, or get used to swinging from a particular distance with graphite iron golf shafts.