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About Graphite Design

There are games played without tools and games played with them, and in the latter category, competitors' performances can depend on the quality of their tools. Golf is one of these tool-dependent games, using the golf club, and Graphite Design is one of the three largest manufacturers of one of the most important parts of this tool, the shaft. In 2011, the company came out with the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid shaft, using advanced materials to provide golfers with a swing that feels good and puts the ball where the player wants it to go. The Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid comes in a number of weights from 75g to 105g, with multiple other customizable options. Buyers looking for this or any other Graphite Design product will be able to find a wide variety in good condition or better from a number of trusted sellers on eBay, who offer convenient shipping options so you will not have to drive to a number of brick and mortar pro-shops or other golf retailers to get just the shaft you want.