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About Graphic Novels

Literature has always taken many various forms to elicit different responses in the imagination of the reader, including short stories, novels, romances, horror stories, philosophical novels, travel stories, and so on. However, with the graphic novel reaching new heights of popularity and growing widely in the publishing world, writers and artists have come together to produce stories in which readers can truly immerse themselves. Graphic novels tell a story much differently than a novel does, utilizing dialogue to move the story along, while beautifully produced art from famed artists creates the action in stunning colors and detail. For children, teenagers, and even adults, these books cover all genres as well, ranging from the typical superhero stories, to crime noir and even romance. Although readers can find their favorite novels in bookstores and libraries, they can also get their hands on graphic novel lots, Marvel graphic novels, and other rare novels in flawless condition by browsing the listings on eBay. With a graphic novel, you can dive into the visual masterpieces and follow the stories of diverse and profound characters as they weave their way through stunning worlds.