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About Grant Hill

As your son is getting older, he’s beginning to develop a love of basketball and is becoming more and more interested in the history of the game. After watching videos on YouTube and reading about the best players of the last 20 years, all he wants to talk about is Grant Hill. At first, you had to ask many questions, because although you had heard of him yourself, you really didn’t know too much about him. However, you have since used the Internet to learn more about Hill and his career, and you find that every time you speak about him to your son, his face lights up. One night, after an extremely rough day, you check the listings on eBay to see if you can find a Grant Hill poster to hang in his bedroom as a surprise. You are extremely pleased when you not only find the poster, but you also find a Grant Hill jersey for him to display as well. Your son is so excited when you give him the treasures that a few tears fall from his eyes, and although you know that there are times when the two of you have had some trouble connecting, you are glad that he can look up and see his idol when he needs some inspiration.

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