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About Grandma Moses

Filled with simple, yet idyllic scenes of people living ordinary lives that evoke sentiments of honesty and hard work, the work of Grandma Moses remains a striking example of American folk art and the power of perseverance. Unlike many artists who spend their lifetimes perfecting their crafts, Grandma Moses started her career at the ripe age of 78 after painful arthritis ended her embroidery hobby. Her paintings capture the lives of the people living in rural upstate New York and Vermont, memorializing activities such as making apple butter, attending the county fair, and husking corn. You can find among the vast inventory on eBay a selection of Grandma Moses' famed work, including prints of her most famous paintings, such as "Sugaring Off," "Fourth of July," and "The Quilting Bee," as well as fabrics and embroidery pieces based on the scenes in her paintings. Like Norman Rockwell, Grandma Moses turned common American life into works of art that remind folks of a simpler time in life when people enjoyed working the land and being part of a community.