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About Grand Prix GTP

As if the "Grand Prix" in its name didn't tell you what you need to know already, the addition of "GTP" gives it away: the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP is the performance-enhanced model in the Grand Prix line. The car can get up to 60 miles per hour in just under seven seconds, better than most sedans on the market. Pontiac stopped making the Grand Prix GTP in 2006—so if you have one you love, it is in your best interest to keep it in good shape. Turn to reliable sellers on eBay to purchase Grand Prix GTP parts for doing your own maintenance. These range from the headlight chassis to the entire engine. Some sellers even offer their old GTPs. If this is the car of your dreams, then eBay may be the best place to start looking. In addition to the car itself and major parts parts, sellers also offer things like the Grand Prix GTP emblem or the "Supercharged" logo, which appears on certain versions of the GTP. When buying parts for the car, make sure that they not only match your model, but also the year. The Grand Prix GTP may be discontinued, but with the right tools and parts you can keep yours going for years to come.