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About Gramophones

Take a step back to the late 19th century and listen to music how one should enjoy it, by experiencing the first device that played and recorded music. Introduced in 1877, the gramophone revolutionized music, often getting credit for creating a true music industry. The most iconic versions of the music equipment include horns, which amplifies the sound and make it even easier to enjoy your favorite tunes. The horns remain iconic in the music industry, mostly through the annual "Grammys," which is short for gramophones. Music boxes are also an essential component of the device, as these play pre-recorded songs. The music plays by turning a handle to churn out the tune. No matter what you are looking for, you can find antique and current models by searching the vast inventory on eBay. Whether you use it to listen to recently recorded music or songs from yesteryear, you cannot go wrong by listening to it using the first technology that allowed people to enjoy music on demand.