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About Graffitis

Thanks at least in part to the success of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop," Banksy, Invader, and other street artists are finally receiving the attention and accolades they deserve. Rather than continuing to dismiss elaborate graffiti murals and installation pieces as crude acts of vandalism, both modern art critics and connoisseurs alike have begun to recognize the inherent value of these unconventional works. In addition to its aesthetic value, graffiti has gained popularity due to its ability to effectively communicate a message to the masses. The emergence of graffiti art as a powerful social medium mirrors the public displays of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, who similarly espoused his controversial political viewpoints via large-scale installation pieces targeted to the common person with limited access to formal museums and galleries. To capture the spirit of the graffiti art movement, both original pieces and printed reproductions of famous works are available from reliable sellers on eBay. For those more willing to commit fully to the cause, a set of graffiti markers offers the chance to join the legions of graffiti artists redrawing the world in their image, one city block at a time.