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About GPS Trackers

Maps and designating a navigator are things of the past, perhaps revisited for old times' sake now and then when you and your family or friends go on a road trip, with plenty of margin for error. But when you're running late for a meeting or an event, having a GPS tracker is one of the best innovations of this generation. Car GPS trackers can even tell you if you're within the laws of traffic in the area. Imagine a time when your GPS might even be able to steer you in the right speed or direction. Wait, that's already going on with cruise control, isn't it? And GPS isn't just for going from point A to B. It's all about locating things, and this is handy for things you always end up looking for, like keys, pets, and even kids. GPS child trackers help you keep track of your little dude or dudette, especially in busy places like malls and playgrounds. If something or someone goes missing, you'll be tearfully glad you got a GPS tracker from the reliable sellers on eBay, whether for your car or child.