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About GPS Mirror

Driving down the road, Catherine needed to look at her GPS and was struggling to keep an eye on the road. She tried positioning it better, but it was not enough, and a rear view mirror GPS would have suited her better. You probably rely on your GPS to get you where you need to go and give you the instructions that you need. Sometimes it can be difficult to place the blocky GPS system on the windshield or somewhere else in your vehicle. A rear view mirror with GPS is a great addition to your car and is installed in your rear view mirror for you. When using the GPS, you can view it right on your rear view mirror and you never need to find a place for the system or search around to find it. The rear view mirror is also a backup camera mirror GPS system and allows you to look behind your vehicle when you are reversing. Both the camera and GPS will disappear when not in use, returning the mirror to a full mirror. If you are looking for a rear view mirror GPS, shop the reliable sellers on eBay.