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About Gourds

Every household needs some unique artwork and few pieces offer the uniqueness of the carved and painted gourds. Part of the squash family, gourds have become popular in recent years as a unique canvas for artwork as well as a natural carving surface for those who like to create useful and artistic objects. Dried gourds can be painted, carved, or turned into any number of unique items, adding an interesting visual to a garden, porch, or desktop—some artists even hollow out gourds to design everything from storage boxes to birdhouses. The reliable sellers of eBay offer many shape and sizes of gourds, from tiny to pumpkin sized, circular to squash shape, and many more. Shoppers can find a gourd for their own arts and crafts projects or skip the work and pick up an already carved or painted gourd. Find a few gourds that fit your specific needs and enjoy the fun of a unique arts and crafts project.