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About Gouda

Renowned for its distinctive mixture of abstract and floral motifs splashed across unusually shaped pieces, Gouda pottery is named for its city of origin. Also known for delicious cheese and popular smoking pipes, the city is located in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. Manufactured since the 17th century, Gouda pottery was originally mass-produced and marketed to the middle class for use in the home, but many early buyers did not fully appreciate the unique style of this beautiful yet functional houseware. Often featuring a dark matte glaze and an Art Nouveau or Art Deco design, these vibrant pieces have become extremely popular among collectors around the world. If you are looking to add color and style to decor, you can find a variety of items on eBay listed through reliable sellers. Whether you relish the idea of having a gorgeous mid-century Gouda vase, an ornate and finely detailed plate, or a unique Gouda candlestick, sellers on eBay offer a simply lovely shopping experience with quick, easy purchases and convenient shipping options.