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About Gotz Dolls

They're dolls you just "got" to have: Give your child a classic that she can play with for years and then keep as a collectible with a Gotz doll. Many of them are hand-crafted and all of them are designed for realistic play. There are several different editions, including the Artist Edition, that have a limited supply, making them highly collectible. A Gotz baby doll is perfect for small children who enjoy mimicking the way their parents care for them, while older dolls are perfect for dress up. Some series are even modeled after popular kids' stories such as the Beatrix Potter dolls. These lovely dolls have sweet faces, soft hair, and come in adorable outfits. They range in size from miniatures to ones up to 40 inches. Check out reliable sellers on eBay to find new or used items or even a vintage Gotz doll. Your daughter will outgrow her clothes and many other things in her life, but a Gotz doll might just be the one thing that stays with her no matter how old she gets.