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About Gothic Dresses

Black nail polish shines on your fingers, your combat boots thud against the floor, and your vintage Victorian frills trail airily behind you. A Gothic dress is a darkly fashionable piece of evening wear intended to evoke the somber styles of the Victorian era alongside the radical and provocative fashion innovations of the modern era. A Gothic lace dress captures the fragility and elegance of Victorian evening wear with long lace mesh sleeves and embellishments done in lace around cuffs and hems to accentuate the flowing movements of the gown along with the wearer. Gothic Victorian dresses are designed to straddle the line between proper evening attire and riotous party gear, so depending on how you build your outfit around these elaborate confections of lace, brocade, silk, and buckles, you may wear one to a dance or to a local punk rock or Goth show where looking like you rule the night and drink the blood of mortals is a big plus. You can find a Gothic dress through the vast inventory of clothing available on eBay.