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About Gorman - Art from Dealers & Resellers

The beautiful landscapes of the American west are the main backdrops for the fabulous artwork of RC Gorman. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing the beauty of the west, his works will take you back there. His work captures the majestic west and the culture of the Navajo people. The vibrant blues, purples, oranges, and pinks blend beautifully and you will feel as if you are in the desert during sunset just like the Navajo woman in the RC Gorman painting. Feel the hardship of a Navajo woman’s life in the detail of her dress, the wrinkles in her face, and the weight of the bucket of goods she carries on her head. Decorating your home with Southwestern or Navajo decor? RC Gorman tiles would add a unique element to your decor. Tiles of his famous works make an excellent option for backsplash in your home. Reliable sellers on eBay make it possible for you to bring the unique work, whether it is a painting, print, or tile, of RC Gorman into your home and add some Navajo flair.