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About Gorilla Costumes

It is the next best thing to letting a wild gorilla out of the zoo. A gorilla costume is a classic Halloween gag with maybe the greatest potential of any getup for being mistaken for the real thing. They range from cartoonish to realistic depending on what your price range is and typically cover the entire body, feet, hands, and head. A baby gorilla costume is a decidedly cuter direction to take things, fitted for kids too young to walk on their own yet. For the toddling crowd there are kids' gorilla costumes, which can be used to make your children stop looking like chaotic and uncontrollable apes and start looking like gorillas. These suits are typically made of a combination of nylon, fake fur, and treated rubber for the hands and mask, making them durable and convincing. You can find your ideal gorilla costume in a number of variations from reliable sellers on eBay that boast access to what amounts to a colossal costume warehouse full of costumes and costume supplies. They also offer affordable shipping options to buyers.