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About Gorham - Antiques

Eating has never been so elegant. With Gorham sterling silver, enjoy meals with loved ones knowing your table is set with the most beautiful and well-crafted ware. Gorham has been producing fine silver for both domestic and international sale since the 1830s, and even Mrs. Lincoln enjoyed serving tea with their silver in the White House. Whichever pattern you find most lovely, whether the best-selling Chantilly, the Buttercup, or another of their quality designs, you are sure to find the antique Gorham sterling silver you are looking for from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Look for their hallmark on the bottoms of whatever pieces you are considering to have authenticated and dated. Rinse yours off right after use and if you use a dishwasher, do not let your silver touch other metals, as this stains your artisan crafted ware. Polish occasionally. There is just something incredibly satisfying about the weight and feel of proper silver in your hands as you butter your scone or stir your tea.