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About GoPro Mount

When you launch over a muddy ridge on your mountain bike or jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet, your GoPro mount lets your hands stay where they need to be — on your handlebars, parachute pull-cord, or other crucial gear. Strap a GoPro mount around your head for an eyewitness recording of your performance on a football field or your adventures while whitewater rafting. A GoPro helmet mount lets the camera record your bike, board, motorcycle, or other helmeted activity from almost exactly the same perspective as you witness it yourself. Skydiving, paraskiing, hang gliding, zip lining, and other airborne footage is gorgeous from a GoPro chest mount. The large inventory on eBay includes mounts compatible with all GoPro camera models, new and old. They are made from durable elastic and have strong plastic clips and adjusters. A GoPro camera is rugged enough to capture high-quality video anywhere you could ever think to go. A secure and sturdy mount ensures that both you and the camera make it home safely, and with some amazing footage and memories intact.