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About Google TVs

You browse the Internet with Chrome, receive your emails with Gmail, download games from Google Play, and use a couple of Android devices. With such deep preference for Google services, a Google TV should be the perfect way to watch TV. This is a special operating system for enjoying regular TV channels and the endless content found on the Internet. It can run from a dedicated set-top box or as an included feature in certain TVs and Blu-ray players. For example, you can find each of these products when searching for a Sony Google TV. On the other hand, you can only find a set-top box when searching for a Logitech Google TV. Irrespective of the product, you will feel at home with this custom version of the Android mobile system that uses Google Chrome as a web browser. You can find the complete range of Google TVs among the wide selection of set-top boxes available from reliable sellers on eBay. So whether you want to watch your favorite shows on Netflix and HBO Go or play Angry Birds on the big screen, you will find Google TV familiar and intuitive.