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About Google Glass

One look through the Google Glass is enough to get you excited about the endless possibilities in the world of augmented reality. It may come as a surprise, but this unit is not manufactured with a pair of glasses. It is simply a head mount with an optical display over the right eye. You can use voice commands to activate the Google Glass Explorer software for taking pictures or videos or even looking up the Internet for real-time maps. Yes, you can do all this hands-free while driving or playing tennis; how cool is that? The Google Glass 2 upgrade includes sun shades, making its usage outdoors more practical and convenient. This fancy equipment does come at a price, but no need to fret even if you are on a smaller budget. Buy the 3D video glasses for private movie watching or game playing. Before purchasing on eBay, read the specifications to make sure that the slot size matches that of your smartphone and that the software is compatible with its operating system. On the chance that you want to share this super-entertaining gadget with your best bud, the head strap can be easily adjusted, as can the distance between the phone screen and the lens. Whatever your budget and choice of device, once you are hooked up to the magic of Google Glass, there is no turning back.

It may look funny to the uninitiated, but Google Glass really is your window into a whole new world. Far more than just gadgets & electronics you buy on eBay, they take electronics to the next level as your first step into augmented reality. See the world in an entirely new way.