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About Goofy

Everybody loves Goofy, nicknamed Goofus D. Dawg and sometimes plain ole' Goof, a Walt Disney cartoon character that seems less than intelligent at times, yet amazes viewers with his sensitive and wily nature. Something about the character's long face and puppy-dog eyes appeals to watchers who snap up Goofy merchandise available from reliable sellers on eBay. Wear the Walt Disney Goofy hat made of soft foam with long ears to your next party or arrive in a baseball/trucker cap. Explore the shirt styles on hand in a range of sizes, designs, and colors stamped with his familiar turtleneck, big shoes, vest, and gloves. Shop for Christmas ornaments, toys, coffee mugs, figurines, costumes, and dolls all sporting the animal cartoon's contagious smile and toothy grin. Later in life, Goof morphs into Super Goof dizzying the world with his alter ego, but continues to ask questions like, "What time is the three o'clock parade?" "Gawrsh,"that sounds just like Goofy.