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About Good Wood

Show off your sense of style with a necklace from Good Wood. Urban fashionistas can look to this New York-based company to find wood jewelry with large pendants featuring trendy designs. You can show off your hip-hop side with the "bling" of a Good Wood diamond necklace. Or you can keep it simple with a black diamond pendant with alternating cutaways. If simplicity isn't your style, you can go high fashion with a Louis Vuitton-inspired gold-and-red diamond pendant on a 30-inch gold ball chain. Creative types can make their own statement with a customized Good Wood necklace. The versatile boutique allows buyers to create custom pendants based on their own design, and also select the necklace length and colors. Create your own brand. Or create a personalized name plate pendant so everyone will know who you are and where you are going. Buying a gently, used Good Wood piece through eBay sellers saves a little cash, so you can get your flow on.