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About Golf VR6

The Golf VR6, was introduced to the world as the race spec version of the standard Volkswagen Golf. The VR6 has a small lightweight chassis paired with a V6 engine to offer the high rate of performance avid enthusiasts expect. You own one of the pinnacle achievements in the Volkswagen industry and should use the best parts available so this car can continue to outlive its counterparts. Make your car faster and build it into a Golf VR6 Turbo. VR6 coilovers are also available to give your car a more aggressive stance. If you are just interested in maintaining your car, look for the right parts to replace items such as the VR6 clutch. Sellers on eBay offer all these products and more, featuring new, slightly used, and OEM parts. The large inventories and convenient shipping options give you all that you need to buy the necessary equipment to keep your Golf VR6 running in optimal condition.