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About Golf Grips

After carefully placing your golf ball on the tee and taking a few practice swings, you are ready to take your shot. Without proper golf grips, this scenario can take a terrible turn, causing you to lose your club across the green. Professionals often recommend that you replace your golf club grips at least twice a year, or when you feel that you can no longer keep a light grasp on your club. When choosing your golf grips, keep in mind the size and material, as these factors will change the feel of your clubs. Common grip materials include rubber, cord, and synthetic. If you have a sweaty grip or play in the rain, you may want to choose cord grips, as these are tougher than rubber and synthetic grips. The size is also an important consideration for your grips; choose a size that allows your ring and middle fingers of your left hand to lightly touch your left hand's pad. Many golfers with arthritis find that oversized golf grips allow for easier play, so, if this is a factor for you, consider using a larger grip. No matter the material or size grips you need, make sure to search on eBay first for its always-expanding inventory.